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Looker for Business Intelligence

Just as Google organizes the world’s information and makes it universally accessible and useful, Looker does the same for your business data, making it easy to build insight-powered workflows and applications.

  • Access, analyze, and act on the up-to-date, trusted version of your data

  • Deliver trusted data experiences, at scale, from the cloud of your choice

  • Improve productivity, decision-making, and innovation by delivering more insights to more users


Improve decision-making with smart data access

Looker’s data model provides a fresh, consistent, and governed real-time view of your data, from across multiple clouds, to your entire organization.

Insights where you work at your speed

Fast, proactive insights embedded in the places you work power better business decisions. Looker allows you to provide insights at the right time and place through proactive alerts and deep integrations.

Enterprise-class business intelligence

Simplify the creation of reports and dashboards and avoid stale data and siloed approaches to business logic. Leverage prebuilt integrations in seconds, or build your own using Looker’s robust APIs. 

Key features

Key features

LookML: Looker’s modeling language

Looker’s secret sauce is LookML, a powerful SQL-based modeling language. Analysts can use LookML to centrally define and manage business rules and definitions in one Git, version-controlled data model. LookML uses the information in the model to create efficient SQL queries on behalf of users. The model can remove technical skills as a potential barrier and frees up the data team to focus on innovation.

Looker integration with Looker Studio

The first integration between Looker and Looker Studio allows users to connect to Looker's semantic model and analyze, explore, and visualize that data in Looker Studio. This integration allows people to use the same tool to create reports that rely on both ad-hoc and governed data, bringing together the best of both worlds—a governed data layer, and a self-serve solution that allows analysis of both governed and ungoverned data.

Looker (Google Cloud core)

Looker (Google Cloud core) is Looker, built on Google Cloud infrastructure. It is available as a Google Cloud service and integrated within the existing Google Cloud portfolio of services in the Google Cloud console. From the console, users can now start and manage their own Looker instances.

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Resources to learn more about Looker for BI

Google Cloud Basics
Looker introduction

Discover how to log into Looker, personalize your profile, and use Looker features to add value to your organization with instructional videos and quick start pages.

Google Cloud Basics
Find and organize content: 60-second overview

See how to find reports and dashboards that are available in your organization, how to organize them using folders and boards, and how to delete unused content.

Google Cloud Basics
Exploring data in Looker

Discover how to build queries and run a Quick Start analysis to display results, and see how to refine insights by adding and modifying filters and other options.

Google Cloud Basics
Create custom experiences by writing code with LookML

Explore basic through advanced LookML features and development strategies, including LookML’s parameters and instructions for using them to create projects.

Google Cloud Basics
Set up and administer the Looker platform

Discover how to install a hosted or self-managed instance of Looker, how to connect a database, and how to use other Looker features that help administrators.


Pricing that can fit your business

With the Looker platform you can get more than just a BI tool. You can gain Looker analytics, a modern data stack, integrations, features for app development, comprehensive professional services, and world-class support.

We have a variety of plans that are designed to meet your unique business needs. Request a quote or view pricing details.